This collection represents the beginning of our journey to compile and preserve the rich history of Dungeon Manor. Currently, the archive includes only a selection of documents that I have personally gathered. These initial entries serve as the foundation of what we hope will become a comprehensive repository of historical records related to Dungeon Manor.

As we continue to explore and discover, we will actively expand this archive. Our search will extend to online databases and historical document repositories, and we will update our collection regularly as new findings come to light.

We warmly invite contributions from anyone who possesses documents, photos, or any other materials related to Dungeon Manor. Whether you’re a historian, a local enthusiast, or a family with ancestral ties to the manor, your contributions are invaluable in helping us enrich this archive.

To submit documents or for more information on how you can contribute to the Dungeon Manor Archives, please contact me at my contact page

Together, let’s uncover and preserve the legacy of Dungeon Manor for future generations to explore and appreciate.

Arms of James Hales
Gules three arrows Or, feathered and barbed Argent
Year: 16c
Tags: James Hales arms
Canterbury Till Domesday
Godfrey-Faussett, T. G. “Canterbury Till Domesday.” Archaeological Journal 32, no. 1 (1875): 369-393
Year: 1875
Tags: Christianity Domesday Book Durovernum Roman period Saxon conquest historical development medieval period
Conveyance Deed Possessory
This Conveyance Deed, dated the eleventh of March 2024, records the transfer of the Possessory Title of Lord of the...
Year: 2024
Tags: Conveyance Deed Legal Document Lordship Possessory Title
Deed of Creation of a Possessory Title
This document outlines the legal foundations and principles underlying the possession and transfer of incorporeal hereditament titles, particularly focusing on...
Year: 2024
Tags: Deed of Creation Incorporeal Rights Legal Document Lordship
Plan of Durovernum
Plan of Durovernum (Canterbury) in Roman Times: A Strategic Crossing and Hub of Commerce
Year: 1929
Tags: Roman history image
Statement of Truth
A Statement of Truth made by Stephen Brian Else, Director of Manorial Title Register Limited, in support of the research...
Year: 2024
Tags: Legal Document Lordship Manorial History Statement of Truth
The Saxon Cathedral at Canterbury and the Saxon Saints Buried Therein
Cotton, Charles. The Saxon Cathedral at Canterbury and the Saxon Saints Buried Therein. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1929.
Year: 1929
Tags: Archaeological History Benedictine Monks Gothic Architecture Lanfranc Saxon Cathedral St. Augustine
Title Verification Certificate
This document certifies the lawful succession of James Patrick Howard II as the Lord of the Manor of The Dungeon...
Year: 2024
Tags: Legal Document Lordship Title Verification
Verification Letter for Registering Title on Documents
This official verification letter from the Manorial Title Register Limited certifies the lawful succession of James Patrick Howard II to...
Year: 2024
Tags: Legal Document Lordship Verification Letter